Monday, 20 December 2021

What do you want to read about?

Thinks about all the different things you read.

Think about content for work, family responsibilities, learning about your health, a legal problem, what you will do this weekend.

Now think about how many you would choose to read on your upcoming summer holidays.

When I run a workshop or seminar, and ask this question, work is not top of this list.

We all prefer to read things for our leisure. And yes this may be a digital copy.
So let's look at what this could be?

Is it a magazine on your hobby?
Is it a book. Is that fiction or a biography, or maybe poems? 
Do you want to catch up on the news from around the world?

Do you read about possible upcoming holiday activities? 

Do you want some ideas for when you stay at home on hot day for things to do?
Are you planning on going to the movies or a farmers or craft market?

Do you want to know more about the star of a show or the latest about your favorite music star.

There is so much that is possible.

Imagine a world where you couldn't read about these things. The 44% of the adult Australian population who do not see themselves as readers would not think about reading as being a leisure activity. 

Yet there is so much to know about. Even if you consider at a local community level all the different event, activities, music, fairs and attractions.

Afterwards, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to read about what happened, and hear what different people did there or thought about it. 

Start local, or start with the big regional or state run events. Let's make them accessible by planning and having them in Easy English.

Below are some of our recent and older examples. 

Front cover. Photo of new local community centre.  Below is an image of person reading with Parramatta City Council logo on book . The words say. Our news. Spring 2021. We call it Parramatta Pulse

Parramatta Council

Spring 2021 Quarterly Newsletter

Look out for them for the next 12 months.

City of Perth
Winter Fest Theatre – School Holiday program 2019.
Scroll to the bottom 1/3 of webpage.
- Whats on?
- What time are the shows? Week 1 and week 2

Let's not just imagine, but create a world where there is information in Easy English about what things we want to read as we enjoy life.

Talk to us about what this could look like for your organisation at a local community or wider  level, topic specific or broader. 


Cathy Basterfield
Owner Access Easy English
Consultant – Speech Pathologist
Telephone: 0466 579 855
Twitter: @accesseasyengli
LinkedIn Cathy Basterfield

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