Friday, 17 December 2021

Achieving dreams through accessibility.

Meet Jess 


Jess with her favourite dog, Mozzie.
Photo supplied by  Jess
In December, Jess Stone featured in an ABC Central Victoria article as a part of their awareness for International Day of People with Disability

As one of our consumer reviewers, Jess has played a formidable role in providing us with feedback on our content, ensuring we do not lose sight of what Easy English needs to have for readers.  

 An animal enthusiast from a young age, Jess has always dreamed of working with animals. The ABC article focused on Jess’s achievements in gaining her Certificate III in Animal Studies.  

Autistic with a learning disability and difficulties with her speech, Jess held strong when people told her she would not succeed in gaining her certificate.  Jess’s special affinity with animals meant the practical aspect of her studies were a breeze; however, her disability made the written component of the course more challenging. Doing her course over three years instead of one, Jess proved her doubters wrong and is now set to be nominated for as a young achiever for the Inspirational TAFE Student Award.

 Jess’s experience demonstrates that with proper adjustments and access, people with disability can achieve their goals.

Jess commented after first doing a consumer review that she wished more things were in Easy English. 

 The Access Easy English team would like to offer a huge congratulations to Jess on all her achievements, both in her studies and in her stand for equal access to educational opportunity. Well done, Jess!

We look forward to hearing about the awards ceremony.

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