Monday, 22 June 2015

NDIS - some articles to read

I recently saw a post on a Facebook group, indicating that many people who are currently grappling with the changes in the disability sector and the implementation of the NDIS are people with good cognitive skills, and advocacy skills. This is people with disability, as well as carers and people who support people with a disability. And many of these people are having problems understanding the steps, and how to put a plan together that gets funded appropriately.

But what about those who do not have good cognitive skills, or do not know how to advocate for themselves, or those they support?

This is an article from a few months ago, where the issue of funding for advocacy organisations is being discussed.NDIS: Advocates argue funding cut will make scheme participation difficult for those with intellectual disabilities

Alos check out the renamed NDIS Tier 2 Policy Framework, called Information, Linkages and Capacity Building 

It gives you an idea about how community inclusion is going to be developed in communities in this new paradigm. Hopefully many of the good community inclusion and capacity building organisations and projects already out there are not going to be lost with this new Framework.

Access Easy English engages people with disability in all their projects. Consumer review is paramount to the functionality of any project or document.  It would be fantastic if this could be grown further, and we could employ people with limited literacy to help to write the actual documents. This is the model in the UK. Talk to me about how you could include this in your organisation.


Cathy Basterfield

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