Thursday, 25 June 2015

NDCO Expo- additional resources links

Thanks to the many people who came and chatted to me yesterday at the NDCO Expo in Hastings, Vic 

It was great to see so much interest  in improving communication environments for participation and inclusion. Call or email me about improving work or training or school environments  for you and/or individuals to explore communication opportunities for inclusive environments.
It was also great to see so much interest in Easy English, where to find current resources, and also how to begin to implement within organisations. I really loved seeing many of the students  given an opportunity to, and readily reading the information written in Easy English.

Links to some of the more talked about documents are below. If I have missed something you wanted a link to, let me know.

Country Fire Authority - Bushfires. Planning what to do.

Make contact with CFA to request printed copies or even a CFA trainer to work with you, using these resources

Australian Red Cross

Request printed copies from Red Cross.


Look out for the Victoria Police Information on Receipts, due for release this month.


Special Girls Business and Special Boys Business, South Australia

Books without Words, UK   

Contact me to talk about training in how to write Easy English, or projects you would like to see developed.

Cathy Basterfield
Speech Pathologist
0466 579 855

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