Friday, 16 May 2014

Voices against Violence research papers released

Yesterday saw the launch of this significant research study into the violence and abuse of Women with Disabilities.

Natasha Stott Despoja, AM. Ambassador for Women and Girls and the Chair, Foundation to Prevent violence against Women and their Children gave the Key Note Address.

The significant findings were that

more women with disabilities are subject to violence, more often, by more perpetrators and more often, in more places, than other women.  This is a dreadful and hidden epidemic which must be addressed.

You can read the press releases on the partner websites, and also download the 7 papers which make up the project.  The papers are also available to purchase. I would encourage organisations and individuals supporting people with low literacy to consider purchasing a printed copy of at least the Easy English paper, or at the least, printing it yourself in color.

At the launch all 7 papers were introduced, and explained. It was extremely gratifying to see Book 7, the Easy English summary receive the same weighting and importance as each of the previous 6 papers.  It is extremely rare to see projects do this.  The Easy English paper was a critical element to the entire project. The project plan and implementation ensured this Paper was completed and delivered by the launch also.

Access Easy English wrote Paper 7. I want to thank Sharon and Keran from Women with Disabilities Victoria for their thoroughness in supporting this implementation.

Project Papers  Scroll to the bottom of this link to find all the papers.

Call Cathy to discuss how you could also develop your project materials into Easy English

Press releases and or partner websites at

and the funding organisations
Legal Services Board  (this project to be posted)


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