Thursday, 24 October 2013

Use of Signing

October is International Augmentative and Alternative Communication awareness month.

Unaided Communication is an integral part of any communication system. Sign and Gesture is unaided communication

Check out the new Victorian Key Word Sign website.  Also become a friend on the Key Word Sign Victoria Facebook account. Join in the conversation about use of Key Word Sign.  N.B. Key Word Sign Victoria is the new organisation that has replaced  Makaton Victoria

The website has dates for training workshops to learn to use sign, and also how to request a sign workshop for your own environment.
The 2014 calendar of training will be out soon, as will the dates for Presenter Training.

A number of great resources, articles and other clips are also available.  Find out how to buy the latest resource “Getting Started with Key Word Sign.(Auslan Edition)

As a new website, new information is always being added.

Need to know more?
0466 579 855


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