Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Images - Cultural Experiences and Life Experience.

With just a few days before the PLAIN conferencehttp://www.plain2013.org/ it is good to think about how our life experiences and culture can have an impact on the choice of images.

 Below are some examples of images I have seen in Canada. These make clear sense for Canadians who drive.   Are these images relevant for Easy English? Would they make sense for the reader?

·         Think about the relevance for people who do not drive? 

·         What images would an Australian audience need?

·         What animal images would be clear for Canadians?

·         What animal images would be clear for Australians?

·         Are there any images which could be used in either country, no matter the person’s nationality, life experience or cultural background?

road sign of moose (I think) with additional sign " for 3 km"
What animal is this?

road sign - person running after a ball
Have you seen this roadsign in Australia?

road sign. On the left is stationary shape with arrow moving forward beside on its right side
What does this road sign mean?  What would be different in Australia?

road sign - red sign says STOP. undernathe are 2 small signs. In english "4 way". In french "4 voies"
This sign was at a crossroads.Canada has 2 official languages;English and French.
Have you sign any Australian signs written in 2 languages?  

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