Friday, 7 June 2013

Will patients take their medications?

 A constant question for physicians 

Published in Medscape Medical News, June 05, 2013 by Janis C. Kelly (ref. 1) was a discussion about a research article published in Arthritis & Rheumatism, June 2013 (ref. 3)  regarding this very question.  The headline states “RA: Only 1 in 5 Patients Take Oral Meds as Prescribed.” Further on it states "in summary, we found that adherence to oral DMARDs and steroid therapy in patients with RA was low, ranging from 58% to 71%, with only one-fifth of patients showing ≥80% adherence.

 In the knowledge that at least 44% of adult Australians and a similar percent of adult US citizens has non-functional literacy, this is not surprising. Reading and understanding information on our health literacy is even lower.

Check out how adherence to taking medication barriers for the significant number of people with non functional literacy could be addressed with this example, When and how to take your medication. (ref. 2)

Use this example as a basis to personalise the information you provide on when and how to take medications you prescribe to individual patients. 

Email or call Cathy to discuss how you can personalise specific medications or other information you provide to patients. 0466 579 855 (Aus)

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