Wednesday, 18 August 2021

 Consultation and collaboration.

This week, Access Easy English welcomed the opportunity to participate in a consultation hosted by Physical Disability Council of NSW (PDCNSW).  The topic of the discussion was ‘Accessibility in NSW National Parks’. This consultation was an opportunity for PDCNSW to gather various feedback concerning accessibility issues faced by people with disabilities in NSW National Parks.  This feedback will be presented to NSW Parks to assist them in developing their Accessibility Policy.

 Access Easy English provided feedback on the accessibility of the NSW Parks website for people with low literacy, fact sheets, how signs can incorporate Easy English to improve readability, and raise the issue of incorporating different disabilities into all aspects of emergency planning.  It was great to hear from those who experience other accessibility issues in National Parks, such as people with low vision. There was also a discussion about the need for Changing Places toilet facilities. These discussions also assist us to identifying other specific areas that require clear Easy English with different environments.

 As an organisation, Access Easy English welcomes the opportunity to consult and collaborate with other organisations to maximise awareness of accessibility issues, share our knowledge with the aim to increase access for all.   

Cass and Cathy

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