Monday, 27 August 2018

Easy English with Women with Disabilities Victoria.

HI all,

Women with Disabilities Victoria have developed their Safeguards project. As part of the implementation they have included versions for different accessibly needs.

Access Easy English developed the Easy English version of the book.

This work was developed in response to their research Voices against Violence which is also available in Easy English 

This also ties in with the work we did with the South Eastern Integrated Family Violence Centre in providing information in Easy English
- for the many women who need it.  My Safety Plan - in a 'z 'card (the size of a credit card)
- men who receive Intervention Orders. Men Think Safe Act Safe 

Talk to me about developing your project information so that more people can read, understand and know what to do.


Cathy Basterfield
0466 579 855
Facebook: Access Easy English


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  2. Sorry I hadn't seen these posts. We are working to have more content and conversatin through our blog.