Friday, 10 June 2016

Training Opportunities from Access Easy English

Access Easy English is providing various opportunities for you to be part of some exciting and interactive workshops.

Listed below are the current ones being advertised.

June 28, 2016. Cost :100+ gst 
Bookings via

July 8, 2016. Cost $275 +gst
Bookings via

3. Full day - Classroom Engagement - Easy English (note you do not have to be in a school environment to attend this workshop).
August 1, 2016 Cost: $300+ gst
 Bookings via

4. 3 hr. Using Key Word Sign Functionally. 
September 7, 2016 Cost: 100+gst
Bookings via

5.  Full Day - Integrating Communication into Everyday Activities and Curriculum for the student with little or no speech
September 8, 2016 Cost: 275+gst
Bookings via
October 24/25, 2016Cost: $550+gst
Bookings via

I am happy to talk to organisations about training specific to your needs on Easy English and/or people with little or no speech.

Cathy Basterfield
Owner Access Easy English
Consultant – Speech Pathologist
Telephone: 0466 579 855
Facebook: (our recent projects)
Blog: (research and commentary)

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