Friday, 22 January 2016

Parental engagement in education

 Parents can be bombarded with information about how to support their children in school, and in the home environment. This includes areas such as how to set up a home study space to techniques for reading, to helping their child with assignments.

As students prepare to return to school in the next week, Graham Jaeshke, the Opinion Writer in The Advertiser, South Australia, reminds us all about the school/home partnership and the value of engagement by parents in their child's education.

However, for some parents this is extremely difficult.

When 44% of the Australian adult population has non functional literacy (ABS #4228, 2013) there will be many parents in the school environment who would have difficulty being engaged with their child's education, no matter how much they want to.  Start to make a list of all the documents and information parents need to read and understand to be able to participate.

Here is the start of your list
Enrolment form
Open Day - meetings, school, visits
Uniform policy and uniform rules
Photo permission forms
ICT Policy and permission
Excursion notices
Parent teacher information letters and appointments
Acceptable behaviour policy - students and parents
Illness Rules
Management of Lice
Mobile phone school policy and rules
Asthma and Epipen regulations and rules
Volunteer requests
Reading at Home expectations

What else do you expect parents to be able to read, understand and use functionally?

This is the beginning of your journey with Easy English.

Contact me for further details or to request a quote to begin your own journey introducing Easy English to your school or organisation.


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