Monday, 2 November 2015

Be Fire Ready. Free Easy English information.

The Victorian Country Fire Authority committed to information in Easy English a number of years ago.

With Fire Action Week this week, it is important people with limited or non functional literacy also participate in planning ahead for the upcoming Fire Season.

The Easy English documents are called How to be safe from Bushfire in Victoria. The books are available as free download or you can contact the CFA for printed copies. These are particularly important when working and supporting vulnerable communities outside city metropolitan areas.
My blog from 6 November 2014 will take you to  each of the books or use this link below.

How to be safe from Bushfire Easy English

Access Easy English developed the Country Fire Authority books. Talk to Cathy about how to improve the access to written information via the use of Easy English for all your emergency situations and circumstances.


Cathy Basterfield
Access Easy English
0466 570 85

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