Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Inclusion and Equality of opportunity

Last week, the public became aware of an atrocious situation in a Canberra, ACT school whereby a child with autism was being managed by the school in an inhumane and illegal manner.Read news article here

Unfortunately this is not a rare case, but one that has hit the media, and headlines. Often issues around appropriate support for schools, and teachers are one of many causes as to why poor management decisions are made. Appropriate specialist resources must be made available to teacher, families and teachers to help them implement appropriate educational programs for all students. Read the comment from Graham Innes, the ex Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner who is calling for a Royal Commission into the state of mismanagement, current support, and resources for children with extra needs in the education system.

Compare this to ...what are the possibilities.

2 young sisters, equally have a love of dancing, and equally share the stage, to a choreographed piece showcasing their skills and abilities.

Cathy Basterfield
Speech Pathologist
Access Easy English

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