Thursday, 29 January 2015

Free images and image storer

Welcome to 2015.

Check out this free download of Picto- selector. Stored on it are many of the free image sets I have mentioned previously, including Sclera, Mulberry St, and others.  Here they are all in one place.  They  are easy to locate and compare with each other.  It has been developed in Scandinavia, and  is available in many different languages if you need them.   The website says The download contains over 28000 pictos (images) translated to English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Brazilian and Italian. (Some pictos are also translated to Arabic, Swedish, Portuguese and Indonesian).”   It can be used by multiple users.

This image storage selector can help you locate all your images of similar meanings, eg: type in "happy, and a range of different images from the various sets of this concept are available, If you have Boardmaker also, you can import these new images you regularly use, into the one storage system.

The image selector will also find words that have another word in it, eg: law, showed me a range of images for "law ", but also "lawn mower," "lawn" etc.

You can modify the images but this is limited. However, a couple of  good functions are
-  remove the border;
- remove the word from underneath the image or change the word (and/or place it in a different place as part of the image);
- have access to search function in a different language;
- easily add "no good" (red cross) good/right (green tick) over an image.

You could use this free download as a beginning point of images, or if you have a range of other image sets, use as possible alternatives.  

You can also upload photos you use regularly into Picto- selector. This is particularly useful when you cannot access Boardmaker or other image storage/selector systems.

When uploading the Picto-selector, check the copyright usage, although it does have creative commons copyright, it also asks you to acknowledge the source of your images.

Let me know your thoughts about this image storer, and the extra images you can use.

Cathy Basterfield
Access Easy English
0466 579 855

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