Monday, 14 July 2014

The internet and your reading

The internet continues to promise to be the answer to all our reading and information needs.

An article in this weekends Melbourne Age  summarises some recent research from New Zealand's (Wellington) Victoria University.

The study by Hooper and Herath reinforce previous studies which identifies people read differently, comprehend less, recall less and concentrate differently when reading online. 
Interestingly, it identifies people still commonly print off items they think are important.

It reported people actually expect to be interrupted when reading online.

Read their full article here  

 Think about the people who have low literacy now. Read my other blogs from October 2013 for a discussion on the demographics and incidence of low literacy, both for Australia and internationally. How do these people access the internet, and stay informed?

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Hooper, Val and Herath, Channa, "Is Google Making Us Stupid? The Impact of the Internet on Reading Behaviour" (2014). BLED 2014 Proceedings. Paper 1.


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