Thursday, 27 February 2014

My computer - learn to use it in Easy English

A reminder of a resource, which has been available for many years now. A series of training workbooks, developed by Victoria’s VicNet have been popular for many different populations of people.

The workbooks are designed as training manuals, and each manual may take some individual's a number of weeks to work through.  

Although the workbooks are now a number of years old, they are still relevant to today's computer user. A great initiative is the resources have Creative Commons copyright - download the manuals, make changes relevant to your community or computer environment- just acknowledge the original source please!  They are also available in 10 emerging languages.

Some of the topics include:
·         How to use a computer
·         Google maps
·         Working with pictures
·         Skype.
There are 16 different manuals in the series.

Do you want to develop your workbooks or other materials into Easy English?
Contact us at or 0466 579 855

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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