Monday, 16 December 2013

National Disability Insurance Agency

With the change of our Federal Government in 2013, DisabilityCare Australia has been renamed the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

It is the new national disability insurance scheme in Australia, and has been running test sites in various areas in Australia.

The test sites are raising some significant and important issues for clients and families attempting to access services.

In addition professionals, and specialist therapists are finding there are many and varied hurdles and issues in the implementation of the NDIA.

At the recent Heads of Government meeting in Canberra, the NDIA was discussed. Premiers need to formally report back to the Federal Government at their next meeting in February.  Our professional associations, support networks, and advocacy groups need to be letting their MP’s and the government know what the first 6 months have been like.  What are the positive changes and what are the negative changes?

Cathy is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Agency. 
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Cathy has specialist skills, knowledge and expertise in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, both aided and unaided communication, Behaviours of Concern, Easy English, and other areas.  Cathy can provide assessment, implementation and training support.

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