Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Start the Conversation

This week is Speech Pathology week in Australia. 

"This year speech pathologists around the country will be starting the conversation.....about the significant and often preventable disadvantage that people with communication and swallowing difficulties face each day. 

They want you to know that these people are over-represented in the youth justice system and are much more likely to experience an adverse event in hospital. They also want you to know that they have poorer health, educational and vocational outcomes and are more prone to mental health problems than other Australians.
They also want you to know that for many, if not most people, their outcomes can be substantially improved with the right services and the right supports"  www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/spa-news-a-events/speech-pathology-week 

 Across Australia let's "start the conversation" to improve the outcomes for people with non functional or low literacy.

 Think about how you present your written information. Do not assume every person who visits your service or organisation is able to understand and read the written information you provide.

  • How much jargon have you used?
  • How long are the sentences?
  • Have you used a complex word or phrase, when everyday words say the same thing?
  • Can a naive reader navigate the content?
  • Would you read this information?

Talk to Cathy to "start the conversation" about how you provide written information.
0466 579 855

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