Monday, 29 July 2013

Images, photos and illustrations

There are many many choices you could access and use to enhance the meaning of your Easy English documents. Go to any search engine, and click on images, and there is a huge variety there.

You could spend many hours sourcing clever or funny images. However this is not the purpose of including images in Easy English.

Think about your audience
·         teenagers?
·         adults?
·         a particular community?, eg: Vietnamese community.

Images need to reflect and connect with your audience, otherwise they do not assist understanding.

In addition images need to be clear, and uncluttered.
Colored images are more interesting for everyone. Color can also help aid interpretation of an image.

It can be valuable to purchase some image sets. These have been consumer tested, and many have also been developed by people with limited literacy. Both the image developers mentioned below, will also take requests for new symbols/concepts.

Check out 
(Boardmaker/ with Picture Communication Symbols - PCS, has Australian addendum's also.


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