Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Health Literacy

Think about how you access treatment options and preventative information about your health.

How have you come to learn about the warning signs for a stroke?
Where do you go to find out about good nutrition or the latest fad? Is the new fad too good to be true?
Do you know all the side effects of your medications?

Some people will read brochures given to them by health professionals. Some people will read advertising in the community. This is your health literacy.

What happens though when you have poor literacy, due to circumstances or reduced education or English as a second language. Read about issues for refugees at   http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/healthcare-boost-after-influx-of-newcomers-20130430-2ir6f.html

What are the outcomes for the wider community for people with poor health literacy? Read a report from Medibank at http://www.medibankhealth.com.au/files/editor_upload/File/Medibank%20Health%20Literacy%20Implications%20for%20Australia%20Summary%20Report.pdf

Email me at cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au to ask how you can improve the access to information you provide to your service users and community.

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